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Hi! I'm Nicole.

An adventuring free soul, rock and roll loving, image making, fitness fanatic with a camera and big ambitions to change lives with powerful images.

I believe in self-love. 

That people who love themselves are happier and, as a result, are kinder and have more love to share with the world. Intimate portraiture is about encouraging and empowering women to take control of our identity, sensuality, and fall in love with our authentic selves. 

I understand the desire to feel beautiful, liberated, fully free and fully alive. We all deserve to feel confident, and when we do it improves every aspect of our lives.

I believe in sisterhood. 

That women need to fiercely support and love one another. Advertising has trained us to to feel like we need to change so much about ourselves, and women end up in constant competition with one another. I was bullied for many years and I learned how cruelly girls can treat each other. I was made to feel unpretty, uncool, and unworthy. I understand now that it wasn't about me. People who feel insecure and unhappy tend to want to bring others down. Which is exactly why we need strong, confident women raising more strong, confident women and treating each other as sisters. Really we are so much stronger together. 


I believe that dancing around in your underwear is magic.

I am always drawn to the person in the room who is having the most fun because that is who I want to be. 

My favourite images come from moments when women forget to care what anyone else thinks and shows her silly, sexy, or shameless realness.

I love learning what inspires and moves people. The moments that make them feel alive.

I base my life's work on creating these moments and setting human souls on fire.

If you like these things too, we should talk.

Call me anytime.